Slip dresses: back to the 90s

This post isn’t really about shoes you may want, it’s about things to wear with shoes you may already have. To be honest, recommending things to wear isn’t my strongest point as I don’t work in fashion or indeed anything aligned to fashion; however, I do keep an eye on what is happening in the fashion world, mainly because it’s nice to know whether I am accidentally ‘on trend’ or whether I am going to be spending the next few months staring at ruffle-adorned shirts wishing I could get away with having certain parts of my anatomy highlighted with a pelmet. 

Something that I have noticed will be very much in for summer is the slip dress. This is something I cannot really wear: anybody over a D-cup will really struggle with a strapless bra, and even if I find a wonderful, supportive one, slip dresses on me tend to look a bit like I have gone out in my underwear as you really can’t miss the boobs. I even went as far as trying one on for an example, but it just looks a bit too indecent to post the photo, and I know my mum reads this blog from time to time. I did wear slip dresses in the 90s, but I don’t think I want to do that now. I don’t think anyone would want me to do that now.

However, I wanted to write about them because nearly every picture I’ve seen of slip dresses, including the catwalk and fashion magazines, have slip dresses styled with ALL manner of flat shoes. This is a dress made for pretty much any flat shoe: what a free pass! So I think this could be taken advantage of if this style of dress suits you.

Trainers with Calvin Klein (image from Vogue)
Flat points with Celine (image from Vogue)
Bulky sandals with Alexander Wang (Image from Vogue)


Mannish flats with Mango (currently out of stock)

So I think there are several ways you can go with this: all sorts of trainers, brogues, birkinstock-style sandals, pointed flats, and probably more. Maybe the approach shoes would be pushing it, but sporty trainers seem to be good to go too.

There are loads of slip dresses on the highstreet too, and in all colours and budgets, different fabrics and belted or free flowing. You could wander into most shops and pick one up today:

Oasis: £65. 2 Mango: £39.99. 3 Mango £35.99. 4 Whistles: £195. 5 Zara £29.99. 6 Topshop £34.

And it seems that even if it’s freezing (which is highly likely given that spring seems to have forgotten it is supposed to get warmer this year) you can still wear the slip dress, just put a T shirt underneath it and/or a sweater over the top, and then you listen to Elastica and party like it’s 1995 presumably.

Image from Pinterest, slip dress worn with Nike trainers. Yay!

Next post, I’ll get back to the shoes…



Author: shoeslifeblog

Being diagnosed with osteoarthritis didn't stop me loving shoes, so I've spent many years seeking shoes that weren't awful for my joints yet weren't awful on the eye. I have learnt that not all shoes are equal, and it is possible to wear amazing shoes while having arthritis (and other leg issues). I try out shoes so you don't have to.

3 thoughts on “Slip dresses: back to the 90s”

  1. I love your post! All the dressess are great!
    I see you like highstreet brands…
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    x x x


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