Clarks Trigenic shoes

So, I mentioned trigenic shoes and how nice they were for arthritis recently and, now I have finally finished trying them all on, I can finally write about them properly!

When I first saw the trigenic shoes, I think it was this pair, I didn’t really take much notice:

Trigenic Flex: £100

To me, they were another shoe that was pretty casual and pretty expensive. They looked a bit like shoes my podiatrist would point to and say “these would be beneficial”. Beneficial is not something I or most people, I imagine, want to have as a wardrobe-based adjective. I do not want to look ‘beneficial’.

Then, while trying on other shoes one day I noticed the Tri Angel looking all lovely in a really nice shade of grey that will go with everything in my wardrobe:

Tri Angel in blue/grey: £65

These looked very ‘wallabee’ and, as I said, Walter White has kind of made these cool (at least in my head).

I still miss you Breaking Bad. Yes, I am a recovering addict.

I tried them on, which you can read about here, and I was astonished. I have tried a lot of shoes on, but these were something different. They are so light! As mentioned in previous posts, the weight of sturdy shoes is a literal drag sometimes. They make my feet feel heavy, like a burden. Here were sturdy shoes, but with flex and lightness. So I did what any normal person would do and tried on most of the shop.

Tri Angel
My feet having some sort of revelation

Tri Skipp

Pretty yet functional

These are very feminine, a sort of sporty ballet shoe, which were so light it was like being barefoot. I think you could wear these to a wedding or summery event in this white colour (they would definitely work with a slip dress) without anyone thinking ‘trainers?’. One thing I noticed, and you can see in the picture was that these shoes were wide, which is a good thing for people with arthritis in their feet, but were a little too wide for me. The black and red colour is also nice, but a bit more sporty. I think the nice thing about the white colour is that it doesn’t immediately scream ‘sporty shoe’ at you.

skippy collage
Tri Skipp: £55

Tri Nova

Not content with shoes I could wear now, I started thinking ahead to summer. I apologise for the state of my feet… I am still in winter mode and was not expecting to go nuts in a shoe shop that day.

The Tri Nova, presumably not named after the Vauxhall Nova, the crappy car of choice of my 6th-form friends. The word ‘Nova’ gives me maths A-level flashbacks.

I am not a fan of sandals that wrap the ankle like this as I find the straps restrict the natural movement in my joint, making it sore, and just makes it obvious that the ankles are different sizes; however, on other people, the support around the ankle might be useful. I didn’t think they looked very elegant on me, but then I could have been reacting badly to ‘Nova’. These are also available in white and a metallic copper.

Tri Nova: £55

Tri Alexia

Just super lovely

These sandals were my favourite, with more than a touch of the very expensive, very gorgeous, very coveted Marni Fussbett about them, and these are the ones that I will buy for my summer holidays. They were very comfortable in the shop (and I realise that is not the same as walking round for hours in them, so when I do get them will let you know how I get on). I really liked that the criss-cross design drew attention away from my potato-ankle, the lower picture shows this ankle, but it doesn’t look so bad here because your eyes move towards the front of the foot making it look more graceful. That’s GRACEFUL ARTHRITIC JOINT, everybody! These shoes are magic! They were also available in what they term “gold metallic” but to my eyes are a more bronze colour. Clarks, please have a word with your colour naming department!

Tri Alexia: £60

There are lots of other designs that I didn’t try on (I did have other stuff I needed to do otherwise I would have spent all day there). These are sporty (though they do look disproportionately long), and I like the colour:

Tri Aerobic: £60

These sandals are a little too similar to a hiking sandal for my taste, but if you like that style of shoe, this is a nice example, and I like the mix of the pink and the brown (usually, hiking sandals only come in ’emergency’ or ‘camo’ colour palettes):

Tri Ariana: £60

So, I reckon there is a shoe here that could tempt and delight pretty much everybody, and I would definitely suggest ordering a pair to at least try out to see what the fuss is about if going to a store is a bit of a faff (Clarks, like most places now, does free standard returns and free delivery) . And to celebrate this little pocket of shoe-joy, let’s dance to the Ballad of Heisenberg in our light and comfortable shoes.



Author: shoeslifeblog

Being diagnosed with osteoarthritis didn't stop me loving shoes, so I've spent many years seeking shoes that weren't awful for my joints yet weren't awful on the eye. I have learnt that not all shoes are equal, and it is possible to wear amazing shoes while having arthritis (and other leg issues). I try out shoes so you don't have to.

2 thoughts on “Clarks Trigenic shoes”

  1. I am from Albania and when I come to England ,I always buy shoes.This time I bought a pair of triagic shoes which are so light and comfortable.The most important thing is that I can.t find my size here ,but I found size 3 there.Thank you very much for this kind of shoes you have made.A bit expensive for me!!!!


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