Colours of spring: lace-up shoes for unpredictable days

Over the Easter holidays, I made the decision to put all my winter boots away and fully embrace the wearing of non-winter shoes. The universe decided to punish this rash piece of decision making by sending storm Katie. Since then the weather seems to be lulling me into a false sense of security: beautiful sunshine but with bitter winds followed immediately by rain. It’s definitely spring.

Spring is a difficult time for dressing; I have metal-work in my leg and it doesn’t like being too cold. I’m sure that any arthritic joint doesn’t like being too cold, regardless of metal content, so at this time of year I tend to wear lace-up shoes, such as brogues and derbies, as they’re smart, you can wear them with trousers or skirts and, importantly, on colder days you can wear socks with them.

This is my one of my favourite pairs for spring:

Potato-ankle (L) looking particularly swollen at the moment

They were from Clarks last year, and they are super comfortable with a squishy sole, and they are such a happy shade of spring yellow, they always make me feel good… even when storm Katie blew my fence down. I just love colourful shoes. I usually wear these with a denim dress, which seems to work with spring, and there are lots of different styles for everybody at the moment.

1 Fatface: £45. 2 Warehouse: £49. 3 Boden: £55.65 (was £79.50). 4 Boden: £79.50. 5 M&S: 45.50. 6 Next: £28.

Sadly, yellow isn’t massive this year, so there is no equivalent in Clarks, but it is a good year for buying other colours, particularly metallic shoes, and after the gloom of winter, in which my whole wardrobe seems to consist solely of navy, grey and black, colourful shoes really makes me feel good. These from Clarks have an EVA sole, which I have found to be really cushioning:

Clarks Hamble Myth: £48 (was £60)

I also really like the cut-out section on the side, it just makes them seem optimistic, like they’re expecting it to get warm any minute.

As the sun has come out, I have also started wearing my iced gem Rogue shoes! They are so beautiful, and I love wearing them.

(I’m hitching my trousers up a bit so you can see the shoes)

Of the other Rogue shoes, the pear drop is a beautiful yellow colour, and I love the contrasting black and white facings:

Rogue Pear Drop: £169

However, the sole is neolite (a hard rubber) rather than the EVA of my iced gem shoes. I don’t know what these feel like (though if Rogue shoes wanted to send me a pair to try I would be up for that) but it’s not going to be as comfortable as EVA, it just can’t, but there are always gel insoles. Of the other EVA-soled Rogue shoes, I love the colour of the Tutti Frutti, the pale blue is lovely, and I love the contrasting orange laces:

Rogue Tutti Frutti: £169

Aldo is a Canadian shop that has been around for ages, launching in the UK in 2002, but it’s only recently been on my shoe radar despite there being a shop quite local to me (which probably reflects more on my powers of observation rather than the shop). Anyway, These Kerrobert shoes are quite interesting, I like the relatively plain and sensible uppers contrasting with the fun splash of yellow on the heel:

Aldo Kerrobert: £60

These have rubber soles, which look nice and squashy, and I really like the flatform sole — a nice way to get a little bit of height when you are confined to flat shoes.

I also really like these gold shoes from Aldo:

Aldo Casoni: £55

The cut-out sections and the black–gold contrast are really nice, and the rubber sole looks good. I like also that these are an Oxford-style shoe (that is, the facings are stitched under the main body rather than on top as in the Derby-style shoes above), which is unusual. That said, these are not leather and, for £55, I think that’s a bit expensive.

Asos is one of my favourite internet shops as they have good delivery options (free over £20), free returns and have a really good range that is updated regularly. I really love the colour of these blue brogues:

Asos Moral brogues: £50

The soles don’t look the squishiest, but they don’t look uncomfortable either, and they would look amazing at work!

Asos Matched Up: £45

I also love the colour and texture of these light blue shoes, the sides of the shoes are cut low, which looks really nice (and means there is nothing to press on swollen ankle joints). The soles look like they are EVA, although it doesn’t explicitly say this. My only worry with these are that the soles look very thick and may lack flexibility, but with free delivery and returns it’s not a huge deal to give them a go.

Some beautiful shoes that I have just discovered are from the online shoe shop Sarenza. I’ve not bought from them before, but I have heard good things about them (they’re also good at delivery and returns). I don’t know how these shoes feel, but they are really beautiful. They also have leather soles, which although more luxurious can be difficult for arthritis sufferers because they are harder than rubber, so less shock absorbing, and are slippery when wet! That said, there is something special about leather-soled shoes. They make a beautiful sound when you walk, so if you have a special occasion, it may be worth investing. These shoes have such beautiful colours:

Georgia Rose Paralia: £113

And I love the cut out detail on these shoes, they’re so pretty I think they would be perfect for a wedding:

Geogia Rose Parlie: £113

Finally, if you REALLY want to push the boat out, these brogues from Paul Smith are beautiful and a gorgeous soft mustard yellow colour: 

Paul Smith Bertie brogues: £275

In my experience, Paul smith shoes are rather narrow, and the leather takes a while to soften (and at that price, there is no way I am going to have a go at pre-softening them with a hairdryer). Paul Smith shoes are really well made, however, and feel really nice to wear (like proper grown-up shoes), and of course the soles are leather. So, if you really want to treat yourself, a trip to Paul Smith might be worth a look (these shoes also come in a lovely coral colour). May be one to keep an eye on in the sales?

I am sure there are other brogues and lace-ups that I have missed, as lace-up shoes show no sign of going away. If any one wants to share a find that they they like, I love getting comments!


Author: shoeslifeblog

Being diagnosed with osteoarthritis didn't stop me loving shoes, so I've spent many years seeking shoes that weren't awful for my joints yet weren't awful on the eye. I have learnt that not all shoes are equal, and it is possible to wear amazing shoes while having arthritis (and other leg issues). I try out shoes so you don't have to.

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