I was never a big believer in fancy pyjamas, but then I started going into hospital a lot, and I soon realised needed a decent pair of jim-jams. However, decent pyjamas, really decent pyjamas, are surprisingly difficult to come by, and it’s not all about cost, I’ve bought expensive pyjamas and found them often lacking… bad stitching, overly sheer fabric, shaplessness after a few washes… it’s as though less care is taken with making pyjamas as it’s known that fewer people are going to see them than day-wear. But having found the perfect hospital pyjamas, I am a pyjama convert.

Most hospitals have the heating ramped up to sub-tropical levels, so light cotton is the only way forward. When you’re immediately post-surgery  you have to wear a hideous ass-exposing gown, but hopefully you can get rid of that as soon as possible (physiotherapists are very keen on getting you up and about as soon as you can), in which case loose (but not shapeless) pyjamas are the answer, or at least the donning of a beautiful gown to protect your modesty and lift your spirits. Being immediately post-surgery is a rough place to be, mentally speaking.

My all time favourite pyjamas are from Hush. I always ask for their pyjamas for a present. Their winter pyjamas are a cosy brushed cotton, and the summer pyjamas are a cool, airy cotton and perfect for hospital stays, or indeed any time. They bring new designs out every year, and this year’s flamingo print is the best of the lot:
Hush pyjamas: £49.50

Hush clothing always comes beautifully packaged, it’s a real treat to get one of their boxes (and one of the reasons I request pyjamas for my birthday so much). The pyjamas fit really well and look pretty good. I’m not embarrassed to swan around the house in them when I have guests staying over (though I do have a high threshold for house-swanning-embarrassment). They also launder and thus last really well, they’re definitely an investment.

Toast is my favourite place to admire dressing gowns; they are expensive, so for me it’s only something to get in the sale, but they are ethical, beautiful, unusual and very well made (I managed to rip a cheaply made dressing gown on its first outing (in hospital) and vowed to only wear decent quality stuff from then on, I am not going to shame the brand, but it wasn’t cheap to buy).

Fortunately, there is a sale on in Toast at the moment, so if you’re in the position to upgrade your dressing gown, check them out:

Toast cotton Chandini gown: reduced from £99 to £59

and if you really want to push the boat out there’s this beautiful silk gown. Yes it’s expensive (but in the sale, that’s good for a silk gown) and so beautiful.:

Toast silk Ikat gown: reduced from £285 to £142

So there we are, hospital or not, if you spend time sleeping and you’re rubbish at getting dressed (I faff a lot in the mornings… I faff a lot all the time actually), beautiful, yet functional, sleepwear is for you.


Author: shoeslifeblog

Being diagnosed with osteoarthritis didn't stop me loving shoes, so I've spent many years seeking shoes that weren't awful for my joints yet weren't awful on the eye. I have learnt that not all shoes are equal, and it is possible to wear amazing shoes while having arthritis (and other leg issues). I try out shoes so you don't have to.

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