Miista shoes

I’ve been meaning to have a spotlight on one of my favourite brands, Miista, for a while, but I’ve been so busy. However, their autumn collection really does need mentioning, so it’s spurred me to do some writing.

Miista’s sneakers are party sneakers (still available: £165)

I’ve known about Hackney-based brand Miista for a few years, I think I first read about them in an article by the wonderful Lauren Laverne, whose good opinion I trust. What struck me about Miista, is that they seem to love flat shoes. Many designers seem to love designing high-heeled shoes, which is fair enough, but seem to lose motivation when it comes to the flats. Christian Louboutin is a particular perpetrator of this; I’m not saying his flat shoes are not nice, I would love some studded pigalles, but if you compare the high-heels to the flats in that range, it feels like you’re not getting such a nice shoe, and it’s galling when you are paying so much money… if you want £450 for a pair of shoes, then you damn well better make me feel like they’re the best thing I want to put on my feet.

My love–hate relationship with Louboutins. Love is in the left column…

Miista shoes are, fortunately, not so expensive (around the £150–£200 mark), and they really do make excellent flat shoes, putting as much effort into their flat shoes as their equally beautiful heels. Miista shoes are unusual, you’re not going to find similar shoes anywhere else, so it’s a good place to shop if you want something particularly special or if you like to wear things that are different to other people.

Both looking good. Blues shoes are old but the black–rose gold version is still avaiable

They’re an interactive  brand: they send you a card with your shoes, and if you instagram a picture of your lovely new shoes with the card, and tag them, you can win a freebie!

In addition, it’s quite personalised; you often get hand written notes on your card, about previous shoes etc, which is always lovely to receive, they really do seem to care about how awesome their customer’s feet are feeling.

I do love them!

One thing to note, they can be quite narrow, and they’re not great shoes if you’re doing loads of walking until you’ve broken them in (though my feet blister very easily), that said, I wear footsies socks under the shoes, and they’re fine. The sneakers are also quite heavy, they’re fine for going to work (they’re smart sneakers) or a party, but I wouldn’t want to do loads of walking in them, my joints would get tired.

So, as I said, the shoes this autumn are really cool, and I am very tempted by several pairs, but most of all these sparkly wonders:


Adelaide morning sky: £150

The website describes these as like “watching the sun come up over dunes of the Sahara desert”. Having had a high-velocity encounter with the dunes of the Sahara desert from the back of a crazy horse, I can say that these shoes are much better. I mean, just look at them, the colour alone is beautiful, and I think they’re a bargain (the shoes are very well made). Sequins and sparkles are going to be pretty big this autumn, and if wearing sequins isn’t your thing, shoes can be a good way of embracing a trend. I also particularly like the low cut of the side of the shoe around the ankle area. Having swollen, arthritic joints, the sides of a shoe can often rub, but these look spot-on. I am so tempted!

Next up are these lovelies:

Zoya nomadic: £180

These shoes are a bit more robust than the Adelaide, the soles look quite thick, but I love the pattern. Apparently, the design was inspired by Saharan nomadic tribes. I really like the fact it takes quite a sensible shoe shape and turns them into something sparkling and interesting.

But if you’re really into sparkles, then you should consider these:

Zoe silver sequins: £170

They are the shoe version of a mirrorball, which is two of my favourite things rolled into one. There is a black version, for the more demure sequin wearers out there, but I prefer the silver: if you’re going to get wet, you might as well go swimming.

Getting off sequins now, but staying with awesome, are these boots:

Analeigh ocre: £200

Ankle boots seem to be really having a thing this autumn, they are everywhere. These are also available in black, but I love this glossy deep-caramel colour. The cut out in the back suggests these will be really flexible over the ankle too, which something I always find difficult with boots. The only thing putting me off is that I prefer these slightly higher (and too high for me) boots:

Alycia ocre: £230

And finally, from the same stable as these boots, these shoes:

Jessica ocre: £170

I love the minimalist style: no fuss, just sharp angles and an asymmetrical cut out. They’re really smart.

So, if anyone is looking for a pair of really beautiful shoes this autumn, you should check Miista out. Their shop is in Hackney, but if you can’t get there, their online service is very good.


Author: shoeslifeblog

Being diagnosed with osteoarthritis didn't stop me loving shoes, so I've spent many years seeking shoes that weren't awful for my joints yet weren't awful on the eye. I have learnt that not all shoes are equal, and it is possible to wear amazing shoes while having arthritis (and other leg issues). I try out shoes so you don't have to.

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