Christmas sale

Just a quick round-up of some sale stuff I like as I am sure everyone is so busy at this time of year, and you don’t want a great big post.

I really hate sale shopping, there’s no way I’ll be shopping in the crush of Oxford Street at this time of year. There are probably some really good bargains in Harrods, Selfridges or Liberty to reward the brave, intrepid shopper, but that is not me. Instead, I furtively surf round some websites for some gentle reductions for things I wanted anyway.

Boden are pretty good for having discounts through the year, but the sale gets you up to 60% off. I like Boden shoes, but they are often very narrow, so not always the best for people with arthritis. If they work for you, the Mollie boots I bought in the Autumn are now reduced to £90.30, though there are few sizes left:

Boden Millie boot reduced from £129 to £93.30

I’ve also been admiring these trainers:

Boden slip-on trainers reduced from £69.50 to £48.65

I haven’t bought them because I don’t really need another pair of slip-on trainers (I don’t need another pair of any style of trainers to be honest), but I really like the pattern on these; it’s a bit more subtle than leopard, it look a bit like the pattern on a fallow deer, which I love because it reminds me of walks in Richmond Park:

Picnic recce squad

Boden also do really good cashmere. I’ve always written cashmere off as being too expensive, but then I bought some and realised what the fuss was about. It’s soft and warm and (if you don’t accidentally wash it on a cotton cycle) it lasts a long time. I have merino jumpers, which I love, but in the deep of winter I put the cashmere on. The sale is the perfect time to stock up on some classic colours.

However, I’ve been most taken by these shoes from Zara:

Zara studded sneakers reduced from £45.99 to £29.99

I really don’t need more black converse-style sneakers, so I didn’t buy them when they were full price, but I still really love them… the studs, the patches, the frayed edge, they are perfect. At £30, I feel I can justify a frivolous buy like this, which I think for me, is what the sales are about.





Author: shoeslifeblog

Being diagnosed with osteoarthritis didn't stop me loving shoes, so I've spent many years seeking shoes that weren't awful for my joints yet weren't awful on the eye. I have learnt that not all shoes are equal, and it is possible to wear amazing shoes while having arthritis (and other leg issues). I try out shoes so you don't have to.

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