Rock and Rollie into spring

Last summer I wrote about the Australian brand of shoe Rollie Nation, the ethos of which is to make awesome shoes as light as possible. As people with arthritis, including myself, often have to go with a more substantial shoe to give their foot joints support, they can be affected by the weight of these damn chunky shoes, which puts strain on their leg joints, or just adds to tiredness, and dealing with chronic pain is tiring enough.

So, I was really interested in these shoes being available over here in th UK, and I wore my sunset huraches throughout the summer. I’ve been a bit disappointed that Schuh didn’t really stock the amazing and interesting designs that you can find on the Australian website, and it doesn’t look like they’re getting any new stock. Yes, you can have them shipped, but you will have to pay VAT and duty on them, and that can be a bit of a sting when you get your parcel.

So, I was very pleased to find this beautiful pair on the Anthropologie website:

Rollie anthro
Rollie Nation cut-out Oxfords: £158

Now, Anthropologie is not known as a place you find a bargain, and these are quite expensive shoes, but if you’re after something a bit special to see you through summer, Rollie Nation make great shoes. These shoes are available on the Australian website for AUS$179.95 (which converts to ~£112 at the time of writing); of course Anthropologie marks up the price, but when you factor shipping, currency conversion charges and tax, I am not sure how much you would be saving. You can phone the HMRC customs and duty helpline to get a better idea if you want to go down this route, but my dealings with HMRC helplines makes me want to stick pins in my eyes.

In any case, one of my best friends is going to Australia for a year this summer, which may precipitate a holiday given I will have a number of friends over there (a lot depends on how I will cope with a 24 hour flight with a 6-year-old kid) so I may well be stocking up on Rollie Nation shoes then. Meanwhile, if I see any more available in the UK, I will keep you posted.



Author: shoeslifeblog

Being diagnosed with osteoarthritis didn't stop me loving shoes, so I've spent many years seeking shoes that weren't awful for my joints yet weren't awful on the eye. I have learnt that not all shoes are equal, and it is possible to wear amazing shoes while having arthritis (and other leg issues). I try out shoes so you don't have to.

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