I’m with the band

As I’m sure you’re aware, band T-shirts (especially vintage style) have been on trend for a while now, and show no signs of going away. The pretentious music fan side of me (the side that only wants to wear T-shirts from obscure indie bands, thus proving myself to be a True Music Fan™) thinks that you should only wear band T-shirts if you can name three of their albums, and thus I’ve been looking down on the number of Iron Maiden T-shirts being worn by girls who are clearly not True Music Fans. However, I’ve since had a good hard look at myself and realised I was being a bit of pretentious muso arse. Just because someone doesn’t like the music, it doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy an aesthetic. The last time I spoke any sort of acceptable French was in my GCSE oral (I don’t even want to know how many years ago that was), and I have a wardrobe full of breton tops.

That said, Iron Maiden is really not my thing, so if you are looking for band T-shirt that’s a little bit different, you should check out Maison Labiche (that French GCSE is still coming in handy). It’s a French company that makes T-shirts and sweatshirts with old-style embroidered names (not just bands) and logos. I have a Jim Morrison T-shirt from a few years ago:


You can get them from the French website, but it’s €16 for delivery for the rest of Europe (€33 for the rest of the world). Several Maison Labiche T-shirts are available in the UK, however, and all musicians I like! First up, who doesn’t love Blondie? I was at the recording for Maria on Top of the Pops in 1999, and I was just amazed at how interactive the band was with a new generation of Blondie fans. Chris Stein was filming us (a group of spotty teenage nobodies) on his camcorder; this was a band who had been around for over twenty years, and they were still taking joy in performing and their fans:

Maison Labiche white blondie T-shirt: £50
Maison Labiche striped Blondie T-shirt: £55.90

Chris Stein’s instagram account is also really good, not just the Blondie pics, but he has a really good eye for photography; be prepared to lose a few hours.

Maybe (most probably, because who isn’t) you’re a fan of The Cure, and this boys don’t cry T-shirt is in an appropriate grey and black:

Maison Labiche Boys don’t cry T-shirt: £47.30

Or if you’ve only got room in your heart for Queen Bey:

Maison Labiche Crazy in love T-shirt: £55.90

However, if you’re of the persuasion that a band T-shirt ought to have a picture on it, you should check out the Yellow Bird Project, which supports Trekstock, a UK charity supporting young adults with cancer, through the awesome medium of band T-shirts! There’s a range of bands and T-shirts to choose from, and definitely something for everyone:

Andrew Bird’s T-shirt: £25
Alt-J’s T-shirt: £25
Editors’ T-shirt: £25
Hot Chip’s T-shirt: £25

All of the above were great live by the way! I’ve not just picked the prettiest. Despite it being a UK company, the T-shirts are manufactured and shipped from the US, this is apparently to keep costs down, but it may mean you will have import duty to pay (or maybe not, as I’ve said previously it can be a bit of a roulette) but as you’re getting an awesome T-shirt and supporting people with cancer, it seems a worthwhile extra.

However, if you’re going to go classic, it has to be The Ramones. This is, in my mind, the best T-shirt design ever. My five-year-old daughter has a version (she loves the Ramones!). You can’t go wrong:

Ramones T-shirt: £19.99




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