Bargains with a side helping of bargain

So, the UK had a general election, in which you could legitimately vote for Lord Buckethead and Mr Fishfinger, so it’s not been the most normal couple of days. The knock-on effect of the surprising exit polls was to send the value of the pound down against the euro. So, what should you not do if you’re in the UK? Shop in euros. What did I do anyway because of free delivery and 20% of already marked down prices? Yes! I shopped in euros!

If you are also feeling a bit nuts, you may like to know that Ancient Greek Sandals are having an extra 20% off their sale items with the code MRK20, which is valid until the 18th of June 2017. If you do it today you will also get free shipping to EU countries (better make the most of that while we’re still in, eh? #toosoonforBrexitjokes?)

But seriously, these discounts do make the prospect of an expensive, yet very beautiful, pair of sandals a bit less of a hit on the bank balance, despite the weak pound, and if you’re shopping using euros as currency, you go girls and boys! There are bargains to be had.

I went for these because I love the steel grey colour:

Alethea: €120 + 20% off at checkout

But these also took my fancy, there are a range of sizes left, so everyone should be able to find something that they like…

Athanasia: €102 + 20% off
Clio croc: €128 + 20% off
Eros: €116 + 20% off
Fotini: €116 + 20% off
Niove: €156 + 20% off

This is just a small selection; I purposefully haven’t included the ones that tie around the leg or the slides, as they are not great for the arthritis, but there are some beautiful shoes in both these categories if they tickle your fancy so have a look…


TFI Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here again, the day when prices are slashed and you’re wondering how you could live without a 24-pack of Sharpies now they have 75% off. Thus I think you have to be careful not to go mental and buy everything that seems like a bargain, or else you can end up spending a lot of money.

So, I’m only going to be tempted by things I have had my eye on anyway (at least that’s the plan). I have had my eye very much on these loafers from Rogue shoes (a company I’ve admired before):

Rogue loafers in Cosmic Black: £165

They’re so pretty! I love the metallic splashes and the chunky heel. I’ve never been a big fan of loafers, I prefer to lace up, but these are so lovely, I can imagine wearing these to work, and with jeans at the weekend. They are also perfect party shoes! I love them.

However, there is a problem… they also come in red:

Rogues loafers in Cosmic Red: £165

Which to choose?! The black would go with more things, but the red is awesome (I love red shoes) and maybe I don’t need to buy more black shoes. They also come in a gold and mint green colourway, which is nice but green doesn’t really go with my wardrobe.

They are also quite expensive (but not poor value — I love my Rogue shoes, and they are worth every penny), but thanks to Black Friday you can get 20% off full price styles with the code: BLACKFRIDAY, saving £33! Woo! Suddenly, they are within the realms of ownable!

Incidentally, while we are covering bargains, these are not eligible for the Black Friday discount but are already a total bargain in the sale:

Pomme gris: £99 (reduced from £185)

I love the pompoms, they are super cute! These would also make excellent party shoes for the festive season!

There will be lots of Black Friday deals on, I know Converse are doing a 20% off tomorrow with the code THANKS20, but if there’s anything else I find particularly interesting I will try to blog it.



It’s beginning to look a lot like Skint-mas

Christmas is coming, and my bank balance isn’t getting fat. This time of year is always expensive, and not just because of Christmas — I have a lot of family birthdays around now, but also people need to invest in winter clothes at this time of year. Maybe a new coat, maybe some more jumpers or warm boots. Winter things are thicker, larger, woollier, and as such I always find myself trying to be a little more frugal.

My old pair of brogues are wearing out, and I although I want to save up for a really lovely pair of Grenson shoes, I feel they may fall apart before that happens.

LUST! Grenson Martha: £205

So, I wanted to set myself a pre-Christmas shoe challenge: could I find a decent pair of leather shoes that I could wear to work, non-sale (so other people could easily find their size), for under £50? Well, I think I have.

OK, so these guys are no Marthas, but the ASOS Mai leather brogues are an attractive shoe and a total steal at £35:

ASOS Mai: £35

They also come in black, grey and my other favourite, tan:

ASOS Mai: £35

Although these are more expensive, I am also very taken with these loafers, the burgundy is a lovely colour:

ASOS Manning: £50

I also really like these loafers from M&S, they are almost verging on boring school-shoes, but the orange rim around the comfortable-looking sole saves them:

M&S loafers: £45

I usually get my brogues from Clarks, but these year I have not been that impressed with the selection. I talked about these gold ones a few months ago, and I was expecting more brogues to come out so I could do a feature, but that just hasn’t happened… the gold ones get an honourable mention, as they definitely could be partied in, but the rest of them are just a bit boring. At £60, they would certainly make me think twice at this time of year:

Clarks Hamble Oak gold: £60

So, I final shout out to some trainers, because I can’t help myself. I try to look at smart shoes, but get drawn by the dark, casual, not-giving-a-**** side. These are leopard, leather and really nice, and probably my favourite out of all of the shoes here:

M&S leather lace-up trainers: £49.50

Hopefully, that can tide everyone over until pay-day!

North Face approach shoes bargain

Just a quick note to let you know that the North Face Hedgehog Fastpack approach shoes that I reviewed here are on sale in T.K. Maxx at a much more palatable price of £69.99. This will be an old colourway, but I think I prefer this to the current grey–blue option. Most sizes are available (and I would size up rather than down). They’re excellent shoes if you have narrow feet, and they’re waterproof, which is kind of useful at the moment!

T.K.Maxx North Face Fastpack: £69.99 (was £110)

Sale Watch

Shoes for arthritic girls is an expensive business; there are exceptions to this of course, but I think generally people with sore feet will have to spend more money on a good piece of design. This is where sales come in! I try to buy only the things I have lusted over at full price, although the odd bargain impulse buy can also happen too!

I’ve not been that bowled over by the sales this spring (Clarks has been particularly disappointing), but I found these brogue shoes in M&S, which have ‘Insolia Flex’ soles (they sound comfy). There aren’t that many sizes left, but they’re definitely a bargain. The putty is my favourite colour, lovely for summer and for weddings, but the tan is a wardrobe staple too, and could be worn well in to Autumn. They are reduced from £59 to a very reasonable £29.50.

M&S Leather lace-up in putty: £29.50 (limited sizes)
M&S Leather lace-up in tan: £29.50

Here I am trying on the putty colour:

Image from Gem Ryan
They were less taggy in real life


They’re quite wide (good for arthritis), but I would recommend going for the half size rather than sizing up if you’re between sizes, as the size 7 were too big for me. One thing to note is that the soles were not very grippy, so if you lack stability you may find these too slippery to be comfortable.