Bargains with a side helping of bargain

So, the UK had a general election, in which you could legitimately vote for Lord Buckethead and Mr Fishfinger, so it’s not been the most normal couple of days. The knock-on effect of the surprising exit polls was to send the value of the pound down against the euro. So, what should you not do if you’re in the UK? Shop in euros. What did I do anyway because of free delivery and 20% of already marked down prices? Yes! I shopped in euros!

If you are also feeling a bit nuts, you may like to know that Ancient Greek Sandals are having an extra 20% off their sale items with the code MRK20, which is valid until the 18th of June 2017. If you do it today you will also get free shipping to EU countries (better make the most of that while we’re still in, eh? #toosoonforBrexitjokes?)

But seriously, these discounts do make the prospect of an expensive, yet very beautiful, pair of sandals a bit less of a hit on the bank balance, despite the weak pound, and if you’re shopping using euros as currency, you go girls and boys! There are bargains to be had.

I went for these because I love the steel grey colour:

Alethea: €120 + 20% off at checkout

But these also took my fancy, there are a range of sizes left, so everyone should be able to find something that they like…

Athanasia: €102 + 20% off
Clio croc: €128 + 20% off
Eros: €116 + 20% off
Fotini: €116 + 20% off
Niove: €156 + 20% off

This is just a small selection; I purposefully haven’t included the ones that tie around the leg or the slides, as they are not great for the arthritis, but there are some beautiful shoes in both these categories if they tickle your fancy so have a look…


20% off Clarks all weekend!

I received the email about the Clarks discount yesterday, but with the terrorist incident that unfolded in London on Wednesday, I didn’t feel much like blogging about shoes. To be honest, I still don’t, but life goes on and I intend to live it to the full, and that involves doing things I enjoy, such as blogging.


So, there is 20% off adult shoes at Clarks until midnight on Monday (27th March) with the code BSPRING17. So of course my mind went straight to their Trigenic range, because they are so good for people with arthritis. The summer range is now out so it’s worth using the discount to stock up ready for summer.

One of my favourite styles is still the Tri Angel, which I have in grey, but for spring, I am seriously loving this pale yellow version:

Tri Angel: £52 (with discount)

These shoes are perfect for a casual weekend. They are light and comfortable, and they look great with a pair of jeans.

I also loved the Tri Alexia shoes last year, which I wore pretty much constantly, including a trip to Venice, when I walked for miles and still looked good. The design also draws attention away from any swelling at the ankle or toe joints. I have the black, but this year I am very tempted by the nude colour:

Tri Alexia: £48 (with discount)

I have a few tan-coloured sandals (and these also come in tan) but nothing camel coloured. It goes with everything (it’s especially good as a neutral against bright colours). I wear a lot of red in the summer, so these sandals may be perfect. I am very tempted!

Similar to the Alexia are the Tri Nora, which have a similar shape, but without the moccasin-style stitching, and with padded uppers:

Tri Nora: £44 (with discount)

There are also some new designs in the Trigenic range. I really like these trainers, and if it weren’t for the fact I am trying to curb my trainer-buying habit at the moment, these would already be in my wardrobe:

Tri Swirl: £48 (with discount)

I love the orange bands and the mesh fabric, they look a bit like Marni (a brand I really like, but can seldom afford). I am not sure how good these would be for something like running, as they are not adjustable, they slip on and off and have an inner sock, which I find comfortable, but you may have to try if you have wide or swollen feet as they only come in regular width.

If you needed more of an adjustable trainer, the Tri Soul have a classic upper design, which contrasts with the chunky sole:

Tri Soul: £52 (with discount)

Or these lovely blush-coloured trainers:

Tri Actor: £56 (with discount)

These are more fashions shoe than a high-impact sports shoes, I certainly don’t think anyone would be running marathons in these, but the Tri Souls are certainly supportive enough for long walks, and their lightness helps a lot.

And finally, although I don’t like straps that fit around my ankles because I find them restrictive (and they emphasise when my ankles are particularly swollen), but I realise that some people need the support there, in which case I do love the colour of these:

Tri Alice: £52 (with discount)

I love the leopard (it adds an edge to an otherwise standard strappy sandal), and I really like how it’s teamed with the pink edging to really make it stand out. It just elevates it from something that could be quite dull into something quite cool, and these are very arthritis friendly with the adjustable strap over the foot… it’s not often you get such arthritis-friendly shoes in a cool, edgy pattern.

There are, of course, the non Trigenic shoes that are also on offer. I have a wedding to go to in June and as it’s one of my oldest friend, who is pretty original and quirky, I am planning to forego the usual bland ‘smart wedding attire’ for something a bit more ‘me’. I am currently planning on wearing brogue shoes (though that may change as the weather warms up). My ultimate fantasy shoe would be these from Grenson:

Grenson Rose: £220

However, these from Clarks are a good, much cheaper, alternative:

Clarks Alania Posey: £48 (with discount)

So, there are lots on offer from Clarks for the spring and summer, and with 20% off, it’ a great incentive to think ahead.

Christmas sale

Just a quick round-up of some sale stuff I like as I am sure everyone is so busy at this time of year, and you don’t want a great big post.

I really hate sale shopping, there’s no way I’ll be shopping in the crush of Oxford Street at this time of year. There are probably some really good bargains in Harrods, Selfridges or Liberty to reward the brave, intrepid shopper, but that is not me. Instead, I furtively surf round some websites for some gentle reductions for things I wanted anyway.

Boden are pretty good for having discounts through the year, but the sale gets you up to 60% off. I like Boden shoes, but they are often very narrow, so not always the best for people with arthritis. If they work for you, the Mollie boots I bought in the Autumn are now reduced to £90.30, though there are few sizes left:

Boden Millie boot reduced from £129 to £93.30

I’ve also been admiring these trainers:

Boden slip-on trainers reduced from £69.50 to £48.65

I haven’t bought them because I don’t really need another pair of slip-on trainers (I don’t need another pair of any style of trainers to be honest), but I really like the pattern on these; it’s a bit more subtle than leopard, it look a bit like the pattern on a fallow deer, which I love because it reminds me of walks in Richmond Park:

Picnic recce squad

Boden also do really good cashmere. I’ve always written cashmere off as being too expensive, but then I bought some and realised what the fuss was about. It’s soft and warm and (if you don’t accidentally wash it on a cotton cycle) it lasts a long time. I have merino jumpers, which I love, but in the deep of winter I put the cashmere on. The sale is the perfect time to stock up on some classic colours.

However, I’ve been most taken by these shoes from Zara:

Zara studded sneakers reduced from £45.99 to £29.99

I really don’t need more black converse-style sneakers, so I didn’t buy them when they were full price, but I still really love them… the studs, the patches, the frayed edge, they are perfect. At £30, I feel I can justify a frivolous buy like this, which I think for me, is what the sales are about.




Perfect autumn shoes (in the sale!)

If there’s one texture that could sum up my life in the nineties, it’s velvet. I wore it all the time, particularly in a trouser format, but dresses, jackets, hats, bags, chokers… all of these were found in my wardrobe made of velvet. I was very much smitten with this poster of Jarvis Cocker, sporting velvet trousers, and this was a look I tried to emulate but at which, being a busty girl and not a willowy man, I failed quite spectacularly.

Oh Jarvis…

So naturally, now that nineties styles are back in, I am drawn to velvet like a woman in her thirties is drawn to nostalgia. However, I don’t really want to go back to my teenage wardrobe. So then, I am very much drawn to this beautiful pair of velvet shoes. For some reason velvet clothes have been about over the summer, when no one wants to wear velvet, and as such there are some very good pieces in the sale.

Bimba Y Lola Velvet Blucher: £58

These shoes are reduced from £145 to £58! They are a bargain, and really good quality shoes as well, the velvet has silk content, and they are lined with leather. OK, you won’t be able to wear these in the autumn rain, but for a dry day, they would look great and are so autumnal it’s untrue!

Also in the Bimba Y Lola sale are these rather splendid trainers, which look a little bit like the red Marni trainers (at a fraction of the price), reduced from £115 to £69.

Bimba Y Lola Sneakers: £69
Marni Sneakers: £350

Alas the Marni trainers are out of my price range (but maybe they will be in the sale one day), but the Bimba Y Lola ones are pretty cool, and a really attractive shape. The mary jane strap, smartens them up, and I could happily wear these for work. So there we are, sale shoes to buy now and wear later, it’s how it should be!

Converse – Sale!

I have discussed my love of Converse before, despite them not being the most comfortable shoe, because I love the design.

There is currently a sale on the Converse website and there are LOADS of reductions. These are my favourite, I’ve focused on the low-tops as these are better for my arthritis, because they allow my ankle to move more naturally, but there are lots of hi-tops in the sale too.

I talked about the wonderfulness of iridescent Converse when I saw a similar version on my friend Lisa and loved them, this version are iridescent all over and although the Chuck Taylor II are more comfortable than the original Chuck Taylor, I am definitely tempted:

Chuck Taylor All Star iridescent leather: £60 to £34.99

I also talked about this neon version of the Chuck Taylor II before, and they also come in neon pink, neon blue and neon green:

Chuck Taylor All Star II neon: £55 to £29.99

This knitted version is also a nice change from the classic black and white:

Chuck Taylor All Stat II Knit: £60 to £34.99

I also love this “Amp Cloth” version, inspired by rock n roll, the laces are rounded, inspired by guitar strings, and the silver eyelets by the knobs on an amp. They’re unlined, so good for summer, and although I am drawn to the white because I am a purist, the blue is pretty good too:

Amp cloth
Chuck Taylor All Star Amp cloth: £50 to £24.99

And last but not least, this pair, because I am a sucker for a beautiful sunset:

Chuck Taylor All Star Sunset Wash: £50 to £29.99

There’s also free delivery until the 18th July 2016 (so this weekend essentially) with this code: FREESUMMER, so if you’re wanting a new pair on Converse, now is the prefect time.


More Ancient Greek Sandals

If anyone was taken with the Ancient Greek Sandals I wrote about last week, but maybe they didn’t have your preferred style or size, The Outnet (my go-to place for cheap(er) designer gear) have a selection of Ancient Greek Sandals at reduced prices. My favourites being the leather version of my rubber Ikaria sandals – white is such a perfect colour for summer sandals… I am very tempted:

Ikaria: £130 to £78

I am not usually a fan of toe-post sandals as I hate it if they rub, but these Medea sandals are so pretty, I am tempted by them too:

Medea: £140 to £84

Lots of other styles ar available, and many of the sizes are still in stock, but you need to hurry with The Outnet if you like something as things move quickly.

Ancient Greek Sandals – sale!

I have mentioned Ancient Greek Sandals before, but never really covered them in detail, but I have been spurred on to do this post because there is currently a sale on, and they are really good shoes (if expensive) so you’ll kick yourself if you miss it.

I’ll start by saying that these shoes are not particularly supportive, so I wouldn’t recommend them for any serious walking, but they’re well-made, well-designed shoes that I love to wear if I am going somewhere nice.

I own two pairs, some tan and metallic sandals that go with everything (I don’t think they make this design any more, but the Fontini are similar (€116)).

When you accidentally have nail polish game

And the rubber Ikaria (€80), which I wear to the beach if I am planning on having a little dip (but I am not going to walk far/at all as the rubber is not particularly comfortable and they don’t mould to my feet very well, unlike the leather, which is soft and malleable); they’re grippy, which is great for rocky beaches.

Winged-sandal beach yoga!

They’re handmade in Greece, and they are inspired by ancient Greece, so you can find some really unusual designs, this is from their website:

Ancient Greek Sandals are handmade locally by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques that have existed for centuries. A raw, yet feminine aesthetic distinguishes this new sandal brand. The chemical free, natural tan leather ages beautifully with time and wear.

Christina and Nikolas’s love for Ancient Greece and its history, combined with their individual technical skills naturally led to the creation of ‘Ancient Greek Sandals’. The collection is inspired by ancient Greek Gods and myths, pottery, jewellery and sculpture.

I just love looking through their website, and I am currently in love with these wonders – if you’re going to dress like a goddess, you want to go all out:

Ikaria Tulum: €185


Actual feathered sandals! I want these so much! But I did say there was a sale, so it’s time to pick up a bargain. With arthritis, I find that flat sandals need to have a back to hold them in place, otherwise you have to tense up your foot in order to not kick them off; however, high gladiator sandals, that strap up the leg don’t work well either as they restrict the movement of the foot, so, with those caveats in mind, these are my favourites of the sale:

alethea white water snake top view LOW.jpg
Alethea: €225 to €180
sofia cracked silver top view LOW.jpg
Sofia: €145 to €116
semele piombo top view LOW
Semele: €135 to €108
plekti maria natural black top view LOW
Plekti Maria: €175 to €140
athena marine top view LOW
Athena: €130 to €104

Happy bargains goddesses!